Are tauruss and tauruses compatible

These two have attributes that align with perfection. They both have a love for private time and the home environment. They both enjoy the company of family and friends. Long-term goals are also in alignment when two Taurean personalities get together. When sharing a focus on a dream, two Taurean personalities can make any dream a reality. This duo is unstoppable because of their hard-headedness and determination. They set out on a goal with a strategy in place.

Obstacles fall away like autumn leaves in the wind. Dedication is the characteristic of a Taurus personality. Two Taureans make fast friends.

Love soon follows. They become lovers quick but remain best friends too. When all energies are in balance, the path of love for two Tauruses is smooth and deliberate. Stagnation can make the most beautiful experiences dull and uneventful. Taurus needs to enjoy the pleasures in life.

Coming Into Your Being

So, desensitization is a definitive death for Taurus and Taurus compatibility. Yes, the high Taurus and Taurus compatibility factor ensures a wonderful love match. Differing points of focus between a romantic pairing, it leads to frustration. If one Taurus wants commitment and the other friendship, things can become bitter. No one holds a grudge faster than a Taurus with several emotional hurts. The antics of the Taurus and Taurus love match when in the bedroom range the gamut.

Taurus rules the throat, so a lot of pillow talking and whispering sweet nothings is in order! Taurus is a creature that takes their time. Foreplay is one of their favorite things to do. The longer this romantic duo draws out the pleasure, the better. When these two let their temper loose, cuddling and sweet lovemaking are out the window.

But, if they make up after an argument, then the sex is great! These two sensual beings sure know how to make peace with one another! The bedroom is one place where there are creature comforts galore. The finest sheets, soft bed coverings, and large posh pillows bedeck the king-sized bed.

Again, Tauruses align with the throat as an anatomical correspondence. Thus, they love to talk to one another about anything and everything. The favorite topics of conversation include pastimes, philosophy, and the arts. Taurus and Taurus personalities often have exquisite singing voices too. It is at this time they drink in everything they can from the environment. Doing so allows them to learn a lot about the people they interact with and what makes them tick. Since this star sign rules the throat, Tauruses are quite vocal. They offer their opinions, even when no one asks.

The willingness to speak their mind so openly sometimes proves a problem.

Taurus Compatibility

Taureans demand honesty at all times. Their opinions are too honest sometimes.

They might come across a crass or harsh. Opinionated expressions can even lead to disagreements in the Taurus and Taurus love match.

Most of the time, however, Taureans are elegant and eloquent. They choose the most beautiful and expressive words to say what they are feeling. Creative creatures, Taureans the see the use of language as an art.

What Cancer Needs

Fighting for common interests in the Taurus and Taurus matchup is not unusual. The energies are flawless when this couple has a common end goal in sight. If this pair concentrates on separate goals, the battle ensues. Taurus despise change. So, deciding whose goal requires focus can be a bone of contention. Taureans develop a fixed mindset over time. If two Taureans become upset with one another, all hell breaks loss! Then you get an idea of two Tauruses who love and hate each other at the same time!

Meanwhile, in a fit of fury, the other partner ends up swinging from the crystal chandelier! When Tauruses fight, you are letting loose two bulls in an arena, and the matador waves the red flag! The wise matador will get the hell up out of there! Things will have to subside on their own before this duo makes amends. They have to get over the hardheadedness and deal with the fact that an apology is admitting wrongdoing. Making amends and asking for forgiveness contributes to Taurus and Taurus compatibility.

In astrology, star signs correspond with a Yin or Yang polarity. The polarities are the same as those seen in the Yin Yang harmony symbol. The idea of polarities stems from Chinese philosophy.


Taurus and Taurus Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Polarities refer to masculine or feminine opposing energies. These contrary forces interconnect, complement one another, and also oppose one another. Yin and Yang stem from the term yin-yang meaning positive-negative or bright-dark. The term also relates to the Chinese word for the sunny and shady side. Similarly, you both tend to build a powerful Taurus and Taurus bond that is based on a solid emotional foundation. It is very rare to see you fighting each other, but you tend to go haywire when your lover refuses to accept your wish.

Taurus and Taurus Love and Marriage Compatibility

Apart from this, you both are very romantic and realistic about their relationship. Taurus and Taurus dating is comforting and understanding although they are very charming and stubborn. This is because both of you cherishes straightforwardness and honesty. You both are always ready to put all their might and heart into a relationship without any fear. Taurus and Taurus lovers are reliable, understanding and truthful. However, just like your partner, you tend to have a complicated issue with your lover if you have a history of disappointments. You are sincere when it comes to being honest.

Both of you find it very hard to open up your mind to each other. Instead, you often choose to lock each other in the dark for them to sink into your true emotional world. You tend to have an excellent relationship with each other if none of you have much knowledge of the other before the relationship. When we talk about communication, the two Taurus and Taurus partners tend to have a lot of interests in common, but you often stick to your guns.