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In accordance with current astrological omens, Leo, I encourage you to evolve in the opposite direction. Now is an excellent time to transmute aggressiveness and combativeness into fecundity and tenderness. You worry about growing overconfident. You're afraid that if you enjoy yourself too much, you will anger the gods and jinx your good fortune. Is any of that noise clouding your mood these days? I hope not; it shouldn't be. The truth, as I see it, is that your intuition is extra-strong and your decision-making is especially adroit.

More luck than usual is flowing in your vicinity, and you have an enhanced knack for capitalizing on it.

Rob Brezsny’s Astrology Oct. 9-15

In my estimation, therefore, the coming weeks will be a favorable time to build up your hunger for vivid adventures and bring your fantasies at least one step closer to becoming concrete realities. Whisper the following to yourself as you drop off to sleep each night: "I will allow myself to think bigger and bolder than usual.

The good news — at least for historians, tourists, and hikers — is that the Old West town of St.

freewill astrology

Thomas has re-emerged. It had sunk beneath the water in , when the government built the dam that created the lake.

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But as the lake has shrunk in recent years, old buildings and roads have reappeared. I foresee a comparable resurfacing in your life, Libra: the return of a lost resource or vanished possibility or departed influence. The astrological omens suggest it can be. Would you like to take advantage of this cosmic invitation? If so, try the following strategies. Arrange for you and each of your close companions to relive the time when you first met. Recall and revitalize the dispensation that originally brought you together.

Talk about the influences you've had on each other and the ways your relationship has evolved. Fantasize about the inspirations and help you'd like to offer each other in the future. Brainstorm about the benefits your connection has provided and will provide for the rest of the world. Even the best things in life could require adjustments. Even your most enlightened attitudes and mature beliefs may have pockets of ignorance.

So don't be a prisoner of your own success or a slave of good habits. Your ability to adjust and make corrections will be key to the most interesting kind of progress you can achieve in the coming weeks. Better late than never, right? I suspect that you, too, are currently a good candidate to be transported to a higher octave of pleasure. Be grateful, never resentful, for the interesting challenges. Love your struggles for the new capacities they are building in you.

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That means you have the pleasure of gathering in the ripe rewards that you have been cultivating since your last birthday. But you also have the responsibility to answer and correct for any carelessness you have allowed to affect your efforts during the previous eleven months. Don't worry, dear.

My sense is that the goodies and successes far outnumber and overshadow the questionable decisions and failures.

You have ample reasons to celebrate. But I hope you won't get so caught up in your rightful exaltation that you'll neglect the therapeutic atonements. They're an egalitarian bunch. The young ones attend public schools, and the previous queen's birthday is celebrated with a nation-wide flea market. The king's crown is attractive but quite economical. Its pearls are fake, and other "jewels" are made of glass, colored foil, and fish scales.

In accordance with the astrological omens, I propose that you create a regal but earthy headpiece for yourself. It's high time for you to elevate your self-worth in an amusing and artful way.


What fun and funky materials will you use in your homemade crown? Poet Amy Lowell relaxed into her work day by puffing on Manila cigars. Novelist Colette plucked fleas from her cat. Eliot's poetry thrived when he had a head cold. Novelist George Sand liked to jump out of bed after making love and immediately begin writing. Novelist William Gass, who is still among the living, wanders around outside taking photos of "rusty, derelict, overlooked, downtrodden" places. As for D. Lawrence: climbing mulberry trees naked energized his genius.

What about you, Pisces? Now is an excellent time to draw intensely on your reliable sources of inspiration — as well as to seek new ones. Contact the author of this piece, send a letter to the editor, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter. Tags: Free Will Astrology.

Switch to the mobile version of this page. East Bay Express. Subscribe to this thread:. By Email. With RSS. Is there a better way to address the problem? Yes, by preserving the habitats of wild creatures. Inspired by this principle, Libra, I ask you to avoid trying halfway fixes for the dilemmas in your personal sphere. Summon full measures that can really work. It's a glorious depiction of Nike, the winged goddess of victory, and is regarded as one of ancient Greece's great masterpieces.

For hundreds of years it was missing. Then in , an archaeologist discovered it, although it was broken into more than a hundred pieces. Eventually it was rebuilt, and much of its beauty was resurrected.

Free Will Astrology (1/16/19-1/22/19)

I see the coming weeks as a time when you, too, could recover the fragments of an old treasure and begin reassembling it to make a pretty good restoration. That can be a dynamic meditation for you during the next three weeks. I think you will derive substantial power from putting it into action. If you're ingenious and diligent about finding those positive outlets, your anger will generate constructive and transformative results.

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It was a tale about an orphan girl growing up on Prince Edward Island. She sent the manuscript to several publishers, all of whom rejected it. Discouraged, she put it away in a hatbox and stored it in a closet. But two years later, her ambitions reignited when she reread the story. Again she mailed it to prospective publishers, and this time one liked it enough to turn it into a book. It soon became a best seller. Since then, it has sold more than 50 million copies and been translated into 36 languages. I figure you Capricorns are at a point in your own unfolding that's equivalent to where Montgomery was shortly before she rediscovered the manuscript she'd put away in the hatbox.

In fact, they're our benefactors.