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Perhaps nothing will get done, and I will have to be accepting of that. Keep track of what happens or not during this time, as see if life is like pulling teeth. If you are a dentist, it might just be pulling teeth, but you get it. Start the week off by making your bed, and getting your home life in order.

Prep some food, and nurture yourself. If you are at work at this time, clear some space on your desk, declutter a locker, your car, or anything that makes the space you are in more comfortable.

January 14, 2019 All Signs 🌬🔥🌊🌎Daily Message

This might be a nice time to be more social. Schedule a coffee date with a friend, or call someone. The Gemini twins that is. And if you channeled Taurus earlier in the week, your fresh bed and home will be just what the Dr ordered after a long week. More to come….

It’s in the Cards; Tarot Reading for Guidance

Perhaps this is a sign that some of you will go on some dates, get to know new people, and form meaningful relationships. Things can always get better when you have the right outlook. What is it about your life now that you love? What do you think is needed to get more of that?

If you could change one thing, what would that be? You may have some personal kinks that you need to work out in order to be your best self, at least, the person you see yourself becoming. You could be working on an area of self-improvement and the willingness to be who you want to be is there. Now, it's just time to make continuous efforts. If you're needing an accountability partner, you can find one.

If you're setting fitness goals, find a friend who has similar goals. If you're looking for ways to improve your health, why not hire a coach? Financial planners are easy to talk to even if you're not ready. Perhaps you're thinking of investments in the future. Putting yourself where you want to be will not only affirm that you're in the right place, it will help you get to where you're going.

Reading can be one way to learn how to cultivate the energy you desire in your world. You can start with a list of books to work through for the year and make this a meaningful journey for you. Visit a bookstore and get into the spirit of a growth mindset. If you're planning to enhance your home, how can you create a space that's just for you?

It doesn't have to be something that's wrong, it could be as simple as your desire to go somewhere or do something that you haven't had the time or resources to do just yet. You can set up a little 'me-fund' for your personal goals and make a promise to add to it. You might have things in your life you no longer want or need that is barter or sell worthy, too. If your desire is to have be clutter-free, you can tackle one area of your life at a time.

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Scorpio, this has been a time of introspection and revelation for you. You may have some epiphanies while learning who you are and who it is you want and need to be. Changing who you are isn't easy, and there's always that fear that you'll lose the parts of yourself that make you, you. Big changes require game plans. What's yours?


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If you're still unclear, how would you advise a friend who was in your shoes? Take your own advice. It's good. You have had to make a few decisions that were tough, but worth the effort and now it's time to make new ones.

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There's always room for growth, and this time around you may be seeing the potential you have inside. Follow your gut and learn how to not second guess yourself. There's always room for doubt, but don't let it be the overarching emotion that guides your journey. You have lots to offer the world, but for now, it's time to focus.